Are We to Blame for Climate Change?

“The global scientific body on climate change is expected to report soon that emissions from humankind are the only explanation for major changes on Earth.”

Why is it that every time someone puts out one of these reports it falls on deaf ears? You really don’t have to be reading the newpaper to notice the changes in the climate. By the late 1990s the winters in the city of Sydney (where I used to live) seemed almost like the autumns of ten years earlier.

“It’s amazing how much we can learn from history – and how little we have.” anon.

Have we not learnt by now that our governments are not looking out for our interests? Have we not learnt that they are doing too little too late?

If we are shocked now by the changes occurring from thirty-percent greenhouse gas emission levels what will it be like with forty-percent? No. I am scared. I am scared that it is too late. I am scared that my child will instead of working in a normal job he will be a some kind of global warming refugee. I am scared that all life on this Earth will come to near mass extinction because of humankind’s way of living.

Right now, I can only think of humankind as a cancer to this planet, the very kind that we have tried fighting so hard but have lost to in so many battles for life. No, I don’t want to be cynical but it is turning that way.

But, you know, the Earth will recover. It will one day recover without “us” around. Because it seems this is the only way to stop global warming.

4 thoughts on “Are We to Blame for Climate Change?”

  1. I, too, get emotional. It’s hard for me to comprehend why others aren’t as concerned as I am… one day it will be so direcly in front of their face that it can longer be ignored. (Which is, I’m sure, exactly what you are concerned about it in this post…. that it will then be too late.) Being green has it’s advantages, though – it means you’re growing! Keep on keeping on – I appreciate people like you and the difference you make.


  2. I got too emotional in this post. I feel a little depressed but I hope what I (and others like yourself) will be heard and not filtered out as background noise.

    g2g, my sentiments exactly.


  3. I don’t read your blog for a day and you bust out a couple of entries without me even knowing!! I’ll have to pay closer attention.
    That seems to be the overall problem – we’re not thinking about our future, coming generations or even 10 years from now. We’re only concerned with ourselves and right now. This attitude is what is sold on TV everyday to us – ME, MYSELF, AND I. Well, either we think ahead and or one day we will find ourselves a lot lower in the cycle of life than we ever realized we were.


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