Sadly, Towards Urbanization

Our modern lifestyle seems so boundless. If the food in your refrigerator runs out just get more from the supermarket. And it seems just like that – the supermarket is like some kind of miracle place. But this is just an illusion, just like a magic show. We have come to believe that if we have money food will appear.

That food in your supermarket must come from somewhere. And it can run out like all else in the world. And I don’t mean run out on the shelves but actually disappear from existence. It is by equating everything with money that we lose sight of these facts.

Whereas once we would farm with our bare hands and hunt with our own prowess, we would know what exactly is available. But today we place that burden on someone else and expect miracles from them. If there isn’t enough petrol one just needs to complain to the government. If the block of cheese you want isn’t there on the shelf just ask a store clerk.

Just remember: sometime this year more people will be living in the city than off the land for the first time in human history (if it hasn’t already happened). For whatever reason people are motivated to move into the city it means more of us will make invisible the logistics of sustainability.

2 thoughts on “Sadly, Towards Urbanization”

  1. Hehe. Very good point. We need to rethink our system of government, or have a new paradigm that moves away from our present idea of what government should be.


  2. One great big city we call earth, isn’t that exciting?

    I’ve always wondered why people don’t question why we’re subsidizing our farms through the government… does that not make it obvious that we’ve got a screwed up system that needs renovation?


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