“Planning obstacles for small-scale [example: micro-generation] renewable energy schemes would be reduced – and to meet targets, it’s been suggested local authorities could provide financial incentives for using renewable energy.” (From the BBC)

It is truly sad to live in a society where incentives are needed (for the government and citizens) to get us to use more environmentally friendly energy sources like micro-generation.

In a blialogue (a blog-dialogue) recent I was made to think about why it was necessary to work so hard when the rest of the world was going against your grain. The other party in the conversation suggested that all the hard work of pushing for sustainability is nullified by the actions of politics and business, so, to him, it seemed a waste of time. But I say without the effort and successes at smaller levels we will have no example of workable solutions. To show that it is viable is what we should be aiming for as the little people. The big people do not see (or refuse to see) the long-term value of this, because it goes against the current dominant society and culture’s philosophy of immediate gain.

5 thoughts on “Micro-generation”

  1. “I had only wished I could have been as eloquent in telling him this.”

    Simple is often the most eloquent.

    “Also, I am having trouble with subscribing to groups at YDN. ”

    Humm… Can you send me an e-mail (if you don’t have my address from the one I sent to you, use the ‘mail’ function from my YDN profile) telling me what happens when you click ‘subscribe’ from a Group home page? Thanks for the help.

    Also, thanks for the heads up!


    Someone recently observed ‘releasing all sentient beings from suffering seems like an impossible task – why even try?’

    The answer: Because we KNOW for CERTAIN it will not happen if we do not bend our backs, hearts, and minds to give it a try.

    Thanks for trying! Both of you!



  2. greentogroove,

    Thanks for reminding me of the positive aspects of this. Feeling rather depressed about my efforts – as a sustainability supporter as well as a blogger.

    And I enjoyed your last post a lot.


  3. maleephd,

    I had only wished I could have been as eloquent in telling him this.

    Also, I am having trouble with subscribing to groups at YDN.


  4. You are very correct… and we’ve got to start somewhere. Besides that, we are all, big and large, a part of the WHOLE picture. Even the littlest of effort made by the littlest of people still affects the whole situation. What we can hope for now is a domino-effect up to the big guys.

    A more positive way of looking at it is that we are nullifying at least some of the action of politics and big business – not them nullifying ours. Where would our world be if no one cared at all? Better some than none.


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