The problem with trying to reduce greenhouse gases

You know the problem with greenhouse gas emissions and laws like the one passed by Governor Schwarzenegger is not that there aren’t people like him willing to do it but rather the process to see it through is a difficult one if not down right impossible. The BBC article raised two really good points about why it may not work.

Firstly, the rest of the US states and the federal bureaucrats must follow suit in order to have any effect. This is a big “if” which seems unlikely. The self-interest of America will always come first. And when George W Bush says it will hurt the economy the American public will believe him.

The second problem is that – according to the BBC again – is that those businesses which will be hurt by the law will simply pack up and go somewhere friendlier to their philosophy. That is why I do not see it making a big difference to the cause.

I may sound pessimistic but that has happened all too often before. And there is nothing different to this law being passed and other attempts like it.

So what is the solution? I do not know. But I know this much – our political practices must change. I do not know exactly what kind of political system needs to replace it (if it exists at all) but I know only it isn’t the one we have now. In short I am saying we need a new political paradigm.

3 thoughts on “The problem with trying to reduce greenhouse gases”

  1. I agree with all three of you. Our politics must change, we must change and we must become our own leaders as quickly as possible.
    Margaret Mead pointed out that it’s small groups of determined and action orientated individuals who bring about change. I believe I truly do see a desire by ordinary Americans and Canadians to press ahead and become their own leaders by effecting changes where they can. Many folks are already reducing their consumption and their carbon emissions and if done en masse thhis make a huge difference. Whenever a populist movement is underway there are those within the movement who do have what it takes to become altruistic leaders.
    I also believe that once voters understand the economic implications of sitting on our laurels while our planet is destroyed they will be moved to vote in new respresentatives. Money is an excellent motivator and here are two motivational bits of information for you to consider
    My husband and I and everyone we socialize with is walking the carbon reduction walk so I offer you my hand and say go for it!
    Let the planet be blessed with enough caring people to reverse this destructive trend and the cure underlying delusional dis-ease that gives rise to it.
    P.S. my personal/spiritual blog is here


  2. Yes, I think we simply have to take thing into our own hands. Not only because we should take an interest in our world but also because it is the only thing (apart from the imperfect political system) we can do. What choice do we have?


  3. I certainly agree with you that we need a new political paradigm. In America we need a leader that will take a stand with its citizens on tough issues like global warming and energy descent planning. Believe me, there are quite a few of us that have grown tired of his fear tactics that keep the masses at bay. This is why I like to advocate that we can’t wait for our government to take action…they seem to not always have our best interest at heart.


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