There Is No Guarantee

Three pieces of news has made me think about existence – the news of the death of the great kabuki (a form of traditional Japanese play) actor Ichikawa Danjuro, the death of three Japanese tourists in Guam, and the explosion of a meteor over Russia.

Truly, there is no guarantee you will be alive by the end of the day, or even the end of this minute.

To take this a step further there is even no guarantee that you would have been brought into the world in the first place.

Think about that.

2 thoughts on “There Is No Guarantee”

  1. Very true my friend Very true. Life is a funny thing. What happened in Guam is indeed sad, but the lives of the mother and the other victims are three life lessons that were meant to teach the rest of us something. True bodhisattavas that sacrificed their lives to teach us all that something has to change on this planet.


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