What should we believe in?

Perhaps you are wondering how I can be a Buddhist and not believe in a god. According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English religion is defined as “a belief in one or more gods”. Few would argue with this definition.

I said few.

There are thousands of religions out there. If Justine religion does not include a god or gods within it, then, the definition fails. And Buddhism is one such religion. (Another is Jainism.)

Buddhism is atypical of religions in that it rejects the worship of gods. Buddha is not a god and had never said he was. It should be noted it was those who came afterwards that added the gods, perhaps incorporating aspects of the local culture.

But far from rejecting existence of a god or gods it is, in my opinion, far healthier to accept the concept of a god or gods as part of what it means to be human.

Everything is an opportunity …

everything is
an opportunity to
show me the way
to enlightenment.

Right Speech

There are some things that should be said and many more that should be left unsaid.

More often than not a complement will do more harm than good, and advice will have the opposite effect.

Things written on blogs are the same. They may be detrimental to a better self. Right Writing is also Right Speech.

The Sure Bet (Short Version)

Death, of course
Is the sure bet
But you are either
The horse
Or the punter, and
Never both at once.

There Is No Guarantee

Three pieces of news has made me think about existence – the news of the death of the great kabuki (a form of traditional Japanese play) actor Ichikawa Danjuro, the death of three Japanese tourists in Guam, and the explosion of a meteor over Russia.

Truly, there is no guarantee you will be alive by the end of the day, or even the end of this minute.

To take this a step further there is even no guarantee that you would have been brought into the world in the first place.

Think about that.