Thoughts on Konmari and sustainability

In a causal conversation that went to the topic of Kondo Mariko the famous cleaner upper guru it was said she quit her system because it cannot cope with the variable of children.

This to me is hilarious and a sad truth of systems we set up. As long as the parameters are within limits it works. Beyond the limits and the system fails.

This, I think, is a great analogy for sustainability. Every since I have had kids the idea of sustainability has been thrown out the window. I simply cannot cope. The effort to bring things within sustainable means will, I believe, end with divorce or in death. I am not saying this jokingly. Today’s reality is without exaggeration beyond sustainability.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Konmari and sustainability”

  1. Haha. Thank you.

    Now if I told you the brood is eleven, I’d be lying.

    I understand that. I am not so worried about it these days. Though I still worry about the planet for kids, grandkids, great grandkids.

    We do our best. And I shouldn’t feel too guilty. So I am not casting stones. And I hope other do not either. We all do our best in the situation we have. :)

    Thanks for connecting.

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  2. Your brood, however large, is not the cause of planetary destruction. Children are a blessing and well-raised ones will find ways to improve the world we never thought of. When it comes to sustainability, just do your best. Life is about finding balance within chaos, and the challenge is exacerbated by the needs and messiness of kids. They are teaching you important lessons

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